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Strategies for Performance Improvement
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Every organisation has problems. A good start is to admit the problem and find what is to be accomplished to solve the problem.

How Spreadsheets can Solve Complex Problems
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Generate a report explaining how spreadsheets can be used to solve the following complex problems giving examples to support your explanation…

Management Consulting Assignment
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Doggett (2005) believes that there is always a cause behind any problem and this cause must be identified and addressed to solve the problem or else…

Sexual Misconduct Teachers
Student Written Essay
Introduction: What is Wrong with our Teachers: An Interdisciplinary Approach to solving the Problem of Educator Sexual Misconduct

Relationship between the mind and the brain
Student Written Essay
Introduction: For centuries, philosophers and scientist have been trying to solve the problem of the mind-body (brain). The most prolific of the minds has…

The Definition Of Enterpreneur Business Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In order to solve many problems today, there is a need of entrepreneurial activity on a large scale both in the private and the public sectors. There is a great …

The Tragedy of the Commons Theory Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In “The Tragedy of the Commons”, Garrett Hardin argues that appeals to conscience are not effective in solving common problems.

The Concept Of Global Governance
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay seeks to examine how the concept of global governance as has become a key issue in solving global problems. The essay …

System Thinking Approach to Problem Solution
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay has argued that VSM is a suitable approach to solve ANB’s problem. An implication of this is the possibility that VSM is able to deal with…

Using Big Data to Defend Against Cyber Threats
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Data management and analytical techniques can be used to solve security problems. The massive amounts of data are being collected and this data has…

Forensic speaker identification
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Forensic speaker identification is the application of science to solve the problems related to identification of the unknown speaker in criminal investigation.

Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Forensic psychology refers to the professional application of specialized knowledge in psychology to aid in solving legal problems.

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