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Solving quadratic problems

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Management Science And Linear Programming
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this essay, I am going to describe the way in which optimization techniques contributing to the management decision making progress, and address…

Role Of Mathematical Programming
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In order to survive and lead todays highly competitive and demand driven market, there is a great deal of pressure on management to make economical decisions.

Multistage Heat Exchanger Design Optimization
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Multistage Heat Exchanger Design Optimization using Sequential Quadratic Programming, Particle Swarm Optimization and Simulated Annealing methods.

Classification Of Facility Layout Problems
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of this literature review is to explore the general facility layout problem, the dynamic facility layout problem, the models that have been used to …

Impacts of the Imaginary Number on Mathematics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay is written from the fascination of abstract mathematical concepts, to develop the impacts of the imaginary number on mathematics. In order to…

What Is Algebra?
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Algebra is a branch of mathematics, as we know maths is queen of science, it plays vital role of developing and flourishing technology, we use all scopes in…

Solving The Cubic Equations History Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Cubic equations were first studied In the 11th century by Omar Khayyam, a Persian mathematician and poet. Khayyam discovered that there were…

The History of Algebra
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The dissertation will discuss the history of algebra, the founder of algebra, meanings of algebra and its benefit in our daily life, how we can learn and teach…

Vedic Mathematics Multiplication
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: In this study students were taught an appropriate Vedic sutra following teaching of the traditional FOIL method of multiplication of binomials, and the…

Network Opimisation Problems And Forecasting
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Makonsel Company, a fully integrated company that both produces and sells goods at its retail outlets. After production, the goods are stored…

Inflation on Prices of Farm Food Products
Example Dissertation Literature Review
Introduction: The aim of this study is to see those factors which affect the prices of farm foods product. For this purpose several different variables have been…

Applications And Use Of Complex Numbers
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A complex number is that number which comprises a real and an imaginary part. It is mainly written in the form a + bi, where “a” is real numbers, and “i” is…

Rate of convergence and bisection
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Explain with example that rate of convergence of false position method is faster than that of the bisection method. Rate of convergence estimate …

Support Vector Machine Based Model
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The paper focuses on support vector machine based novel approach to predict the overload and underload pattern of the servers for better data center…

Definite integral
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Integration is an important concept in mathematics which, together with differentiation, forms one of the main operations in calculus.

Review of Optimal PMU Placement Methods
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper reviews the research work and studies that have been done in the area of optimal placement of phasor measurement units (PMUs).

Mathematics subject in lower secondary level
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This chapter presents a literature review on major components of this research as well as related topic. The review will be briefly on education in…

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