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Paper bibliography

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Bibliography | Creating an Essay Bibliography
Help Guide
Introduction: Essay Help – Bibliography – A bibliography is a list, either indicative or comprehensive, of writings used or considered by an author in preparing a particular work.

How to Write a Business Dissertation
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This assignment focuses what steps are necessary to prepare and write a business dissertation that is both academic and informative about the…

Terahertz Spectroscopy Approach
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The paper deals with the DIPEL pro commercial product to control the worm pesticides used in organic gardening and in various organic materials.

Culture of multilingual students
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Sowden’s research investigates multilingual students possessing different cultural values considering plagiarism in academic writing

Developing Your Ideas | Developing Essay Ideas
Help Guide
Introduction: Essay Help – Developing Your Ideas – In this section we will introduce you to a selection of elicitation techniques that can be used to advance your thinking and develop your ideas.

Example Essay with Harvard Referencing
Professionally Written Essay
Introduction: This example essay has been referenced using the Harvard style of referencing, an author-date method of academic citation

Ways To Overcome Plagiarism
Student Written Essay
Introduction: With this report I have been listed what is plagiarism and plagiarism that happen among student. I also suggested some ways that we can used in order…

Introduction to MS Excel
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Microsoft Word is a powerful word-processing program that will take your documents far beyond what you can produce with a typewriter.

Case Study: Annotated Bibliography
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Benson, J. B., and Haith, M. M. (2009). Social and emotional development in infancy and early childhood. Cleveland, OH: Academic Press. This book…

Dramatism Theory and Kenneth Burke
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This report investigates the communication theory of dramatism and Kenneth Burke, to understand the basic concepts of dramatism and obtain an…

UK Honours System Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Discuss the purpose of the honours system and the method by which recipients of honours are selected. What improvements, if any, do you think are…

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