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Online presentations tools

Winter border writing paper, basics of essay writing, steps to write a research paper:

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Solving the Online Offline Channel Conflict
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Adding an online channel to a pre-existing offline channel can present a variety of challenges to a company. The e-business strategy of the online…

Social Media In Marketing Communication
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The technologies and tools people use to communicate online are referred to collectively as ‘social media’ (Scott, 2010 ). Social media is not …

Online sourcing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Internet has become a daily commonplace or even inevitability for businesses as well as it is for our individual needs.

An Online Gifts Store analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: KEYWORDS Online Shopping, Online Gifts, Online Purchase. ABSTRACT After Internet growth, most of the dimensions of our lives such as education, bus…

Developing an Online Banking Application
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This report details the importance of securely developing a software and the best practices to implement throughout the development lifecycle.

Shopping online
Student Written Essay
Introduction: With economics development, more and more customers are shopping online which is not incurable way.

Student Written Essay
Introduction: Marketing mix, commonly known as the four P’s namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion was first suggested by Jerome McCarthy (1960) and is a v…

Online Grocery Shopping Website
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this era of modernization, it is becoming very difficult for the grocery shops to sustain without having an online shopping portal. To match with the …

Online Shopping In India
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Online shopping is the process of researching and purchasing products or services over the Internet. The earliest online stores went into business …

The Online Advertising Overview Media Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: As the presence of technology meshes into every aspect of our lives, mobile advertising has been recognized by many if not all marketers as being the future, but is it …

Social Media As A Tool For Protest
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The revolution in social media has made it easier for likeminded people to gather and voice their opinion on a particular subject of common interest…

Electronic Tools as Distribution Channels
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This research paper based upon the investigation into the importance of using electronic tools as distribution channels which made a significant…

Development of Online Auction Market
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: The aim of this project is to design and set up an online business model where students at the university can buy and sell articles through effective…

Tourism As A Development Tool Tourism Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Internationally, tourism is being used as a tool for development; this essay examines the power of tourism i.e. how and why tourism can influence a country’s development

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