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Multi genre research paper examples

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Creating Marketing Value for Games
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Products face a lot of challenges to succeed and keep its marketing value especially with the fast development and the huge types of products.

Impact Of Assessment For Learning
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper considers the impact of Assessment for Learning on children’s progress in a particular strand of the Primary Maths Curriculum …

Effectiveness of Sports Sponsorship
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Paradigms offer a much greater insight into the effectiveness of the tournament sponsorship than pure practical or theoretical approaches.

Reality Television and Audience Interaction
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The study aims to investigate which factors influencing on television viewers’ decision to vote and also provide an exploration on their psychological…

Effect of Video Games on Brain Functions
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This research paper was created with the intention of taking the reader on a guided journey towards understanding how the human mind functions within…

Gesture-based Interface
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Gesture recognition is a mix on language technology and computer science which helps in achieving interpretation of human gestures with the use of…

Causes of Film Cult Status: Donnie Darko
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: It is my hypothesis that film makers now have the knowledge to be able to construct and manipulate their films into gaining a cult audience, and that…

Overview and Analysis of Research Methodologies
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A combination of both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches was adopted by the researcher in order to attain a realistic result from…

Media Essays – Media Traditional Television
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Media Essays – Media Traditional Television – Media convergence is inevitable as new media challenges the dominance of traditional media and traditional media reacts to this challenge. Discuss.

Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics
Example Dissertation Topics
Introduction: Psychotherapy Dissertation Topics. A great selection of free psychotherapy dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation.

History of Sensory Theatre
Student Written Essay
Introduction: To a modern audience, post-modernism may be little more than a fashionable and complicated concept but it is an essential component of sensory theatre.

Malaysia And The Vision 2020 Commerce Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Malaysia is one of the earliest countries in the world due to Dr. Mahathir who conceived of Vision 2020 and encouraged all Malaysians to…

Digital Library For Children
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this paper, we refer to more than one hundred papers related to this topic (from 1970 to 2010) and study from four aspects …

Impact of Video Games on Society
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The impact of video games is apparent as it is affecting thousands of people around the world daily. From Street Fighter to FIFA 09 these games…

Vision 2020 in Malaysia – An Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to present before you some thoughts on the future course of our nation and how we should go about to attain our objective of…

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