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Law degree personal statement

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“All Men By Nature Desire Knowledge”
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “All men by nature desire knowledge” quoted from Aristotles work “Metaphysics”. Aristotle raises the idea of humans need for knowledge. Since …

The use of torture
Student Written Essay
Introduction: All horrors of the reign of terror were based only on the solicitude for public tranquillity.[1]

‘The Law Commission’s review of the law of intention
Student Written Essay
Introduction: 'The Law Commission's review of the law of intention confirms the view…that the English law of intention for murder is based upon an understanding that lacks in two opposite ways. First, as regards direct intention, the law is morally under-inclusive in that it places too much moral weight on a psychological conception of the required […]

Scheme of Remedies for Misrepresentation
Student Written Essay
Introduction: If the representations made are untrue, they may be termed misrepresentations. The Representor may know that the statements are untrue; or they may be…

Analysis of Dennis’ Law of Evidence
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The argument by Professor Ian Dennis that a decision may be factually correct and yet lack the moral justification usually served by a verdict is…

The Concept of Probability in Mathematics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The scientific study of probability is a modern development. Gambling shows that there has been an interest in quantifying the ideas of probability for…

An ideal tragic hero
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The play titled Antigone, written by Sophocles is a Greek Tragic piece that emphasizes the use of power and mortality in opposition to the law.

Methods for Increased Discernment of Deception
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Law enforcement officials have a significant need for information from witnesses and suspects. This information must, above all, be accurate and it must…

Contract Law Advice Style Answer
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Arron and Tracy have entered into three different types of contracts. Firstly, there is a contract for sale of goods between Tracy and HAL for the…

The Role of External Auditors in Accounting
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Auditor liability has always been one of the main concerns of the public. Often falling under common law, tort law or both, public lia…

Sport Management Business
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Sport management is a young field that is built on a foundation of business and other professional fields. The discourse of sport management…

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