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Latest research papers in mechanical engineering

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Helicopter Toy Parts and Material Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Now-a-days all over the world use of technology has been increased more than demands. In all aspects technology is surrounded us. Such use of technology…

ABC Corp Business Process and Strategy
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The aim of the paper is to research the current state of organization in terms of its business processes, IT alignment, personnel and outsourcing activitie

Structured query language: Development
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper presents results of the research on the historical perspective of the development of SQL and its continuing development.

Detection and Mitigation of DDOS Attack
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The paper focus on the Interest flooding attack which is one the different type of Distributed Denial of service attack (DDOS).NDN incorporates better…

The Manual Transmission System
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this report, I am going to compare and contrast the difference between Toyota 5 speed manual gearbox transmission and Toyota …

Survey On Different Energy Harvesting Methods
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper serves as a survey on energy harvesting from different sources and their methods presented after a brief literature review of different…

Software Evolution Process
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this paper, I have explained about the software evolution process. In this paper, I have explained about the importance of software in present scenario,

Igniting Flammable Liquids with Cigarettes
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Tests have shown the oxygen levels in cigarettes in the vicinity of combustion to be very low and carbon dioxide levels to be very high. Despite advances in the…

The Robert Bosch Gmbh Management Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Robert Bosch GmbH with its Automotive Technology division is one of the leading suppliers for the automotive industry. The company emphasizes a long-term …

History Of Mass Media From Traditional Age
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Mass media has coexisted with Homo sapiens since the brink of time as its history stretches back beyond the dawns of recorded history to the …

Use of Transition Metals in Nanotechnology
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Nanotechnology offers the potential to overcome many of the serious issues facing mankind over the coming decades. Climate change, pollution control and…

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on the Body
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The use of cell phone is increasing tremendously day-by-day but most of the people (who use cellular phone) have no knowledge how the cell phones impact…

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