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How to write an excellent thesis statement

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Sky is the Limit Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “Everyone always said, “The sky is the limit.” (Henty Cho). Pushing us to thrive in our lives so that we can achieve more, surpass, at times stumble…

Aristotle’s Views on Education
Student Written Essay
Introduction: According to Aristotle, he was of the view that education in city’s affected children’s character. As a result, the role of educational was always meant…

Impact of Violence in Video Games
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: I am writing this dissertation to display how video games have matured, switching from the days of gentle Pac-Man clones to the gritty, sleazy…

Philosophy of Nursing: Reflection
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Nursing refers to a contact or a bond that exists between two or more persons in which one of the two persons provide professional care to the other in…

Moral Influences on Historians
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Should the historian’s work be free of moral influence? Malthus was criticised of ‘confusing moral and scientific categories, of allowing the former…

Advent Of The Printing Press
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The ‘printing revolution’ and advent of the printing press is an event against which there is no other “even approaching in importance” …

Development of Luxury Products: Montblanc
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Alongside this boom in the new luxury market there is a renewed interest from both academics and practitioners in luxury consumption research.

Self-Reflection on Entrepreneurial Personality
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The ability and motivation to form something from practically nothing is entrepreneurship. Moreover it is the willingness and steely determination to…

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