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Homework sheets

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Mathematics in General Chemistry
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Mathematics in chemistry is essential. One cannot truly perform a chemical experiment without utilizing mathematics in their data and results.

Determination of Substance through Density
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Density, like boiling point, color, odor, solubility, and melting point, is a physical property of matter. Therefore, density may be used in identifying…

Social Work – Counselling in Social Work
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Social Work – Counselling forms one of the main planks of social work practice and constitutes the chief mode through which social workers directly engage service users

Self Reflection: Time Monitoring Worksheet
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This exercise helped to put into perceptive where the adjustments must be made. The volunteering is a positive black hole. While attending GCU…

Strategies for Learning Mathematics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay focusses on assessing and monitoring the progress of learners using different strategies during the period of ten lessons focusing on two…

Polygon of Forces and Condition of Equilibrium
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The polygon of forces represent lot of forces leading in a simultaneously to one point so all this forces acting will make a figure or they are call…

A Look at a future teachers classroom
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay is devoted to identify and to describe how I imagine my future classroom. In this paper I will try to describe how I see myself working …

Teaching exam classes
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Getting students to participate in writing activities in class can be an arduous task.

Coaching Session Using the GROW Model
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This study looks to conduct a coaching session with one individual. In order to do this effectively, a range of coaching techniques will be drawn upon…

Parental Involvement in Education in Cambodia
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Regarding to the quality of education, parental involvement is important in education sector. The involvement of parents in their child’s educati…

Cognitive Behavioral Theory
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Cognitive-Behavioral theory is a form of short-term therapy used by counselors in the psychology and social work fields…

The purpose of a lesson plan
Student Written Essay
Introduction: When I decided to design this lesson I wanted it to be as coherent as possible. The purpose of every lesson plan is to communicate. Every single…

Accounting and Finance Degree Reflection
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Accounting has always been an interest of mine. Since I was a child, I have always been good in calculation, which makes it clearer that..

Assessing a pupil’s progress
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The assessment of pupils’ progress has been modified somewhat since it was introduced by Black’s (1987) report with the National Curriculum Task Group…

Observation of Challenging Behaviour by Child
Student Written Essay
Introduction: According to the observation, Alisha seems to have trouble socially, emotionally and behaviourally. Children misbehaviour are based on their…

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