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The Difficulties Which International Students Face
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This article is about the difficulties which international students face, especially for Asian students, including thinking styles, learning attitudes and writing and presenting styles.

Peer Correction in Teaching Writing Skills
Student Written Essay
Introduction: How can peer correction help EFL learners reduce mistakes in their written compositions? Writing skill which includes language, private knowledge and…

Benefits and Issues in using Learning Logs
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A learning log is an learning tool which is designed to improve the learning experience, while facilitating exchanges between students and teachers…

Effect Of Plagiarism In University
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Plagiarism is to use someone else’s words or idea without acknowledging the source. With the development of globalization process, more …

Illiteracy in Egypt | An overview
Student Written Essay
Introduction: There are a number of causes behind the increased rate of illiteracy in Egypt, one of which is family pressure on women specifically from husbands, most of…

Virginia Woolf’s Literary Themes Of Feminism
Student Written Essay
Introduction: There are only a few authors who are as renowned as Virginia Woolf. For she was one of the first authors of her time to try to break the Victorian…

Life In The Information Age
Student Written Essay
Introduction: I am going to write about how ICT has changed the way people live over the years. I am going to write about the difference it has made using…

A Smart Action Plan
Student Written Essay
Introduction: After I had started my first year at University I realised that if I want to become a successful student it is crucial to develop time-management skills. It is …

Common Core is Failing Our Education System
Student Written Essay
Introduction: No Child Left Behind (NCLB) took away funding from certain programs that had been federally supported and introduced standardized testing for most…

Jung’s Theory of the Plurality of the Psyche
Student Written Essay
Introduction: It has been said that Jung’s psychology is an investigation into ‘the meaning of being plural’. Explore Jung’s ideas about the plurality of the…

Role of Self Assessment in Learning
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay evaluates the role of assessments, particularly self-assessment as a tool for promoting learning, as I recount the journey taken with my…

Communicative Competence In Language Teaching
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Communicative Competence refers to the ability of understanding, producing, and interpreting the different Communicative events taking into account not only…

What Is Electronic Communication?
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This report will help to show the various types of electronic communication methods, why they are used and by whom, and the pros and cons of having and…

History of the Feminist Art Movement
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Before the twentieth century, women artists struggled to participate in the male-dominated art world. Male domination forbade female learning in general.

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