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Biography online

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Nelson Mandela Leadership Style
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Mandela’s life and actions made people realize that everyone can have a dream, big or small, good or bad. However, this does not mean that it will be …

Neo Realism In Italian Cinema
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In complete contrast to the Fascist cinema it superseded, Neo-Realism was committed to ‘representing life as it is lived’. With this in mind…

Madness in Lady Audley’s Secret and Rebecca
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Exploring how the texts Rebecca and Lady Audley’s Secret use madness and mental disturbance in a thematic, characteristic and analytical approach.

The philosophy of human rights
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The philosophy of human rights in turn is based on cultural philosophy and historical philosophy. Whereas human rights cannot be illustrated on the ground…

Enlightenment and Modernism in Art
Student Written Essay
Introduction: I would like to highlight that an epoch of Enlightenment and Modernism was a period of re-appropriation, rejection, and revolution.

Franz Joseph Haydn
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Franz Joseph Haydn was born a peasant in the village of Rohrau, Austria on March 31, 1732.

Using to Create Identity
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A biography is a form of identity mask. People can hide their defects what they do while others and deceive others about their real identity…

Overview of Steven Pinker’s Theories
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Steven Pinker is a well-known psychologist who writes, researches and lectures on language and cognition. As well as being an experienced and widely…

Mark Zuckerberg Entrepreneur Characteristics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: , the well-known online social networking website was begun at the college campus of Harvard University in 2004. In just a short period of time…

Comparison of Marx and Hobbes
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Contrast and compare the views of Marx and Hobbes as to the basis of law and order in society. Marx and Hobbes are great philosophers with…

Causes of the French Revolution
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The French Revolution was a remarkable event on French history, and it was created mainly from new ideas of Enlightenment philosophers, enormous…

Student Written Essay
Introduction: Flipkart.com is a great interesting new way of buying books online in India. By offering low prices

What makes a self-directed learner
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Self-directed learning is the process of learning in which the individual person takes the initiative for their learning and holds themselves responsible for their learning.

Crime And Punishment In The Renaissance
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Renaissance, a time of cultural changes and evolution spanning nearly four decades, lead to reformation and expansion within the churches …

To Be A Real Hero Film Studies Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “Living life for one day as a lion is better than living as a hyena for a hundred”, is a proverb that captures the depth of personalities of…

History Of Fidel Castros Leadership Styles
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper will discuss a brief history of Fidel Castro, his leadership styles, characteristics, and the determinants that occurred during his…

Cultures of Collecting: Pros and Cons
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Why do people collect? What are the oppressive and the more therapeutic aspects of the ‘cultures of collecting’?

A brief history of Fidel Castro
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper will discuss a brief history of Fidel Castro, his leadership styles, characteristics, and the determinants that occurred during his rise to prominence….

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