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Assigned ip address

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Features of Information Technology
Student Written Essay
Introduction: An essay that aims to explain the features of information technology, discussing features of the world wide web and telmet…

Benefits of Linux Operating System
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Evaluate the benefit of Linux operating system as interoperable and alternative NOS for the company in the form of a feasibility report to include…

Issues in Protecting Rights and Copyrights
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Even though government intervention would control piracy much better, and could possibly be done not to interfere with innocent customers, it could lead…

Benefits of Network Management Tools
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: These are the various network management tools used by network manager to verify network connection, monitor network packets, analyse captured packets…

The Basics Of Opnet It
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In this lab we have followed the instructions that were given in the tutorial from the help menu. We built two networks as the first network that which is….

Importance Of IP Addresses
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Each device that participates in networking activities must have a unique IP address. Network services that use TCP/IP identify other network…

Student Information System Entity Relationship Model
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according…

Improving WPA and WPA2
Student Written Essay
Introduction: WPA is an acronym for “Wi-Fi Protected Access”. It was designed and developed by Wi-Fi alliance as a reponse to the weaknesses and…

Wireshark IP Routing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Two of these Virtual Machines were running Ubuntu and one was running FREEBSD acting like a router between the two Ubuntu machines…

OSI reference model
Student Written Essay
Introduction: OSI reference model is advanced teaching of network. As there was a need of common model of protocol layers, this concept promoted the idea and…

Network Installation in Corporate Company
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Our project is to have an idea about the network structure of Noviasat Company and we are going to meet the head of IT department. We are going to ask…

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