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Shulman Assignment
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Shulman (1986) suggests that a teacher needs a philosophical understanding of a subject in order to teach it well.

The investment assignment
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Latifa opens a brokerage account and purchases 500 shares of Dubai stock at 60 AED.

CRM assignment
Student Written Essay
Introduction: CRM is a specially designed software system for a particular client, to retain old customers and attract new potential customers

Entrepreneurship Assignment
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Entrepreneurship is a creative activity, as it tries new methods, rather than following routine methods. Entrepreneurship is closely…

Effective Communications Skills in HRM
Introduction: Critically analyse the importance of effective communication skills in relation to the practice of Human Resource Management.

Costcutter Business Analysis
Introduction: Costcutter faces fierce competition on price by the four large supermarket firms and therefore has to differentiate its products/services in ways other than price

Lung Functions and Control of Breathing
Introduction: The importance of oxygen for human body can neither be under nor over estimated and this ‘essential for life’ function of oxygen delivery to body cells.

Powers of the Sovereign
Introduction: Under the (unwritten) constitution of the United Kingdom, all actions of government are undertaken in the name of the Crown.

Modernisation theory
Introduction: Modernisation theory is typically a Western phenomenon; its roots obviously must lie around capitalist society whereby the developing world is to be a mirror image…

Business Analysis of Easyjet
Introduction: Founded in 1995 Easyjet was the UK’s first ‘Low Cost’ carrier and is currently the second largest to Ryanair in the European market (Nugent 2008).

Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood
Introduction: What impact has Enoch Powell’s speech had on British citizens, then and now, in relation to how we distinguish ourselves from immigrants?

Introduction: Whirlway is about to usher in a change in their management team. Like all changes the pro and cons of bringing in fresh blood versus rewarding loyal employees is a conflict faced by Whirlway.

Breach of Confidence
Introduction: Breach of Confidence is a developing area of the law, the boundaries of which are not immutable but may change to reflect changes in society…

International Financial Reporting Standards
Introduction: The overall objective for IFRS is to attempt to achieve a position where there is a single financial reporting standard, which will be globally accepted.

Business Ethics of McDonalds
Introduction: This assignment requires you to undertake an analysis of one case study organisation i.e. McDonalds (Fast Food)

Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998
Introduction: Assess the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, incorporating the European Convention on Human Rights, on UK citizens.

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